Pakistan’s Vision Air adds 737-300 QC (Quick Change)

Vision Air, a Pakistani cargo airline, has added two rather striking new aircraft to their fleet.

AP-BMU and AP-BMT are 737-300 series QC models, which stands for Quick Change. This special version of the Boeing 737 is designed to quickly change configuration between passenger operations and cargo operations. The seats are mounted, in rows of three, on pallets which can quickly be removed and replaced with cargo pallets. According to a post on the forum, the entire change over can be completed in 6-8 hours, making this aircraft ideal for airlines who fly charter passenger and cargo operations.

According to our source, Vision Air will be using the aircraft in cargo configuration only, on the Karachi to Lahore sector. They operate five flights a week. The question now remains, will Vision Air keep this stunning livery on the aircraft, making it a treat for plane spotters, or will they be repainted? For now, all we can say is, only time will tell.

According to the All Pakistan Aircraft Registration Marks website (, AP-BMU started life in 1989. It’s history is as follows:

Registered in France as F-GFUF, The Boeing Company.

First flight on May 17, 1989.

Delivered to Aeromaritime June 2, 1989.

Leased out to Tunisair, September 1989.

Returned to Aeromaritime, October, 31, 1990.

Leased out to Sobelair, May 15, 1991.

Returned to Aeromaritime, September 1, 1991.

Withdrawn from use, October 1991.

Converted to Quick Change (QC), April 1992.

Transferred to L’Aeropostale, April 15, 1992.

Leased out to Sobelair, March 30, 1998.

Returned to L’Aeropostale, November 10, 1998.

Aircraft named ‘Toulouse-Montaudran’. Europe Airpost, March 1, 2001.

Europe Airpost renamed ASL Airlines France, June 4, 2015.

Registered in Pakistan as AP-BMU.

Ferried from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, Belgrade, Serbia, to Jinnah International Air Port (JIAP), Karachi, Pakistan, December 7, 2017.

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