Is Pakistan about to see Embraer E170s in a domestic airline?

An upcoming Pakistani airline is seeking to lease three Embraer E170LR aircraft, according to sources.

According to a post on the social network LinkedIn, an “upcoming” Pakistani airline is seeking to obtain on operating lease three Embraer E170LR aircraft. The post has been made by Mr. Muhammad Afsar Malik, who is an aviation business consultant and runs TailWind Aviation.

Mr. Malik, according to his website, has a extensive background of the aviation business and has served for many years with the Civil Aviation Authority in Pakistan. According to our sources, Mr. Malik has been a respected and upstanding officer of the CAA. He served as Airport Manager Jinnah International Airport Karachi as well as Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad.

The Embraer E170 is a popular aircraft, operating with various airlines like KLM, Helvetic, JetBlue, Air Canada and Lufthansa. The E170 uses the General Electric CF34-8E engines. The E170 seats 66 passengers in a two class layout and up to 78 in a single class layout with a 30″ seat pitch. The aircraft has a range of 2,100nm (about 3,800km). These specification make the aircraft ideal for domestic and regional operations.

Which airline is seeking to operate the E170 is not yet known. We have contacted Tailwind Aviation but have not yet received a response. As soon as a response is received, this news item will be updated.

This articles contains references and information from LinkedIn, Tailwind Aviation, Embraer and Wikipedia.

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