Jet Airways Pilots Fired for Cockpit Fight

Jet Airways has fired the two pilots who got into a fight mid-air and left the cockpit unattended for a while.

Last week, we reported that a Jet Airways flight faced a possible disaster when the cockpit was left unattended by the pilots, following a fight in the cockpit which escalated to the point of the male pilot slapping his female counterpart. She left the cockpit in tears and soon after, he had to leave the cockpit to convince her to come back in. During this time, the aircraft was left on autopilot, the cockpit unattended – a gross violation of aviation safety rules.

Taking swift action, Jet Airways has terminated the services of both pilots. However, the trouble doesn’t quite end there for the male pilot – the matter is still under investigation by the DGCA of India, who are considering cancelling his license. Since he was the second pilot to leave the cockpit, he was ultimately responsible for leaving the controls unattended.

Hopefully, this incident will also shed light on the cloudy issue of scheduling and the supposed pressures exerted by crew to allow them to fly with family or friends.

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