Pegasus B737 Rescued and just might fly again!

The Pegasus 737-800 that ran off the runway and off a cliff in Trabzon has been retrieved and it seems like the aircraft just might fly again

Last Saturday, Pegasus flight 8622 was flying from Ankara to Trabzon as per schedule. When it landed in Trabzon, the aircraft skidded off the runway and came to rest hanging off a cliff, just meters from plunging into the Black Sea. Fortunately, no passengers or crew were seriously injured and now, the complicated process of removing the 737 from its position has begun.

Using two cranes, the aircraft was carefully lifted up and out of the mud, with Trabzon airport closed so that the process would not be hampered. Reports indicated the the major damage has occurred to the right wing, nose gear, main landing gear and underbelly. The most noticeable is the missing right engine, which is the culprit behind the accident, according to pilots.

The Pegasus pilots said that on landing, after slowing down, just as they were about to taxi off the active runway, the right engine suddenly spooled up to full power – without no input from the cockpit – and therefore turned the aircraft to the left and off the runway and towards the cliff. This has yet to be corroborated through investigative findings.

Let’s examine the damage to the aircraft.

The right wing has suffered significant damage, it seems. Part of the leading edge appears to have been ripped off while the engine and most of the pylon are also missing. The right main landing gear has also been torn off.

What’s amazing is that the fuselage looks largely undamaged, specially when you look at the photography below.

All this would seem to bode well for TC-CPF, the particular aircraft involved in the accident. Repair costs would be extensive, even if the damage is only skin deep. The aircraft’s systems need to be extensively tested but before anything else can happen, the aircraft needs to be drained of any remaining fuel and passenger’s belongings need to be removed.

As we have more information, we will continue to update you – for now, the fate of the aircraft remains unclear, but hopeful.

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