Boeing’s 737 MAX faux pax – the toilets

Boeing’s 737MAX, the quieter and more efficient version of its predecessor is said to be a game changer. Until you need to go to the toilet.

It would appear that all is not well with Boeing’s amazing new 737 MAX – and given the rising complaints, Boeing might need to do something about the new problem that’s boiling up (no pun intended): the ludicrously small toilets on the 737 MAX.

The first reports of issues arose from American Airlines. Flight attendants apparently met with the CEO, complaining about the astonishingly small toilets where the sink is so small that you can wash only one hand at a time. What’s more, the water splashes on anyone attempting to wash hands. American Airlines has reportedly cut the water flow to prevent the splashing issue but other problems remain: when the doors of both lavatories are open, the flight attendants are blocked off into the galley, unable to access the cabin.

The higher number of seats that the smaller toilets allow – 12, according to media reports – make the case for their size.

When travel expert The Points Guy flew on a 737 Max recently he said he saw two passengers ‘get physically stuck in the bathroom, having to contort themselves in order to exit the tight space’, which measures just 24 inches width-wise. He added: ‘After squeezing out, one passenger joked to the other passenger that he should choose carefully which direction he wanted to enter the bathroom — forward or reverse — as there’s no way to turn around once inside.’

There have also been complaints about the seat pitch. American Airlines are offering a 30″ seat pitch, which customers aren’t to happy with, because the older 737’s offer 31″. Ryan Air, on the other hand, is choosing to stick to 31″.

With hundreds of 737MAX on order, it will be interesting to see how Boeing plans to handle this fiasco.

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