Lufthansa’s New Livery: Flip or Flop?

 A new colour scheme by Lufthansa has the aviation community up in arms. But is there reason to be?

Earlier this week, a photo was uploaded on social media of what appeared to be a Lufthansa 747-8i at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport sporting a new Lufthansa livery which was scheduled to be unveiled on the 7th of February. The photo was captioned ‘New Lufthansa livery presented by accident’ and was met by a flurry of tweets, mutterings and severe criticism over the underwhelming nature of the livery but soon followed by a statement by the airline stating that the photo was fake, basically it was someone having fun with photoshop.

However yesterday, an ‘official’ rendering of the new Lufthansa livery finally appeared which immediately gave one a sense of deja vu. As it turns out, the actual livery is not that different from last week’s fake photoshop image, save for a few minute differences here and there, it is basically almost the same thing and once again criticism rebounds and the general reception towards this new branding not being very favorable with several self touted experts tearing it apart as a complete abomination.
It has been 30 years since Lufthansa has actually made any significant changes to its corporate image and with the deletion of the decades old yellow, there is definitely less color than before and while it is certainly different from the previous scheme, one can’t help but search for some sense of originality. At first glance what immediately comes to mind is Qantas and the Airbus corporate livery which possibly may have been sources of inspiration to Lufthansa and if anyone ever wondered what the Airbus livery would actually look like on a Boeing, look no further than right here. The removal of the yellow colour from the logo is a marked change, and is being called #LufthansaBlue.
The entire re-branding of the Lufthansa 300+ fleet will probably take close to 10 years by which time sentiments might have changed to a more favorable opinion. Personally I still sorely miss the years of cheat lines and silver bellies and while they say that art is best appreciated based on the artist and age, that rule doesn’t seem to apply in the airline business.

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