Trip Report: Serene Air ER502/ER505

Moin Abbasi takes a look at the newest entry to Pakistan’s skies and comes away rather pleased.

Serene Air is the newest private airline to take to the skies in Pakistan. They presently operate a fleet of 3 B737-800 aircraft, with more said to be joining the fleet sometime this year. Serene being a new carrier currently operates only domestic services within Pakistan with international routes in the pipeline. Curious to try out the Serene Air product, I decided to sample them on a weekend trip from Karachi to Islamabad and back.

Karachi-Islamabad ER502
Dep KHI: 13:30, Arr ISB: 15:25
Check in was completed in a matter of minutes. Serene Air offers a generous 32kg baggage allowance and boarding commenced about 30 minutes prior to departure. Announcements were repeatedly made for passengers to be seated as soon as possible to avoid congestion in the aisle and ensure a timely departure. Sweets and newspapers were offered prior to departure and as there is no Inflight Entertainment (IFE) on board, the safety demo was carried out manually. The flight was full with the exception of 2-3 seats. While the legroom was a little tight for a tall person, the cabin and seats were clean and fresh and decorated in bright shades of teal and blue.​
Departure was 15 mins behind schedule and the lunch service commenced soon thereafter. Serene boasts of a new menu every day and a nice full hot meal was presented with a range of soft drinks, followed by a tea, coffee and green tea service. The crew went through their duties efficiently and attended to passengers needs. As stated before Serene does not offer any kind of IFE (not yet at least) so its advisable to take a good bit of reading material or your tablet/laptop with you.

The total flying time was approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes and arrival in Islamabad was 15 minutes ahead of schedule. Baggage retrieval was a little delayed which is due in part to the distance of the aircraft from the arrivals hall but all bags were on the belt in about 30 minutes.

Islamabad-Karachi ER505
Dep ISB: 21:25, Arr KHI: 23:30

This is Serene’s last flight of the day out of Islamabad for Karachi (they operate 3 daily flights to and from ISB to KHI) and as I arrived early, check in had not yet opened. This was the only domestic flight departing at the time, hence the check in hall was pretty much deserted. With check in completed within about 3 minutes and time to kill I made my way to Coffee Planet for a drink then proceeded to the empty departures hall. My incoming flight arrived on time and after about 30 minutes boarding for Karachi was called out. We were bussed to the aircraft and this time my seat was a little more closer to the front. Again the cabin appearance was clean and tidy and I was pleasantly surprised to get a little more legroom this time as it was a different aircraft from the last flight. Sweets on a tray were again passed around, followed by newspapers and announcements were again made for passengers to seat themselves asap and the safety demo carried out manually. Push back was 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

Once airborne, the dinner service commenced which again was a very nice full hot meal, accompanied by a choice of soft drinks followed by tea, coffee and green tea. Comment cards were offered and the cabin lights were dimmed for the remaining duration of the flight which wasn’t very long and arrival in Karachi was 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

In conclusion I can say that Serene Air offer a good inflight product for the fare, the price of which isn’t that different from the other local carriers i.e. PIA, Air Blue and Shaheen and it was a pleasant change to try something new. You get a full baggage allowance, hot meals, hot and cold beverages and reading material which is considerably more than what most airlines around the world offer on domestic flights and I shall definitely fly them again. ​

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