A220-300 – Welcome to the Airbus Family

For one aircraft, it was a short journey from being a CS300 to becoming an Airbus A220-300.

Airbus welcomed the new baby of the family today – named the A220-300 in Toulouse today.

Airbus acquired a 50.01% stake in the CSeries Aircraft Limited Partnership, which was initially announced in October 2017.

Airbus will work with its partners Bombardier and IQ to “fully unlock the C Series’ potential and create significant new value for customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which the partnership operates.” The CS300 seats 135 in a surprisingly roomy cabin, with large windows and a cockpit that is very similar to the A320 series.

The A220 series boasts 18.5″ window and aisle seats and a 19″ middle seat, in a 3-2 layout. That’s roomier than Boeing and Airbus both. Given that Bombardier was outstripping both Boeing and Airbus in orders for the CS series (which competes with the 737-700 and A319 variants), Airbus bringing this aircraft into the family makes a lot of sense. What would be truly interesting is to see how Airbus can capitalize on its knowledge base to make this already-successful air-frame, even better.

Photos: Airbus social media