Boeing and Embraer take Partnership Discussions further at Farnborough

Hot on the heels of the Airbus-Bombardier wedding comes the marriage of Boeing and Embraer, whose courtship has lasted months.

Dennis Mullenburg, the CEO of Boeing and his counterpart at Embraer, Paulo Cesar, have been discussing the Boeing-Embraer partnership at the Farnborough airshow. Boeing seeks to adsorb the Embraer E-jets into its product lineup, strengthening their small-jet proposition and bringing their offering at par with with Airbus is now offering with the A220-100 and A220-300.

On July 5th, the companies announced that Boeing intends to take a 80% stake in Embraer’s commercial airplane and services division. “It’s an exciting time for Boeing and Embraer. We have worked together for a long time.” Mullenberg said.

Many believe the partnership has been born out of haste, in response to the Airbus/Bombardier relationship. Under Boeing’s umbrella, Embraer will be able to take advantage of Boeing’s extensive sales and marketing team, helping push the E-jet programme forward.

Mullenberg underscored the importance of the deal by saying “Boeing has had many defining points in our history. This is another one of those moments.