Farnborough Day 3 Round up: Domination of the narrow-bodies

Day 3 of the airshow proved to be slow, with few firm orders but quite a few agreements.

ATR Orders:

Hokkaido Air Systems: ATR42-600 – 2 aircraft

EasyFly Columbia: ATR72-600 – 3 aircraft & ATR42-600 – 2 aircraft

Bombardier Orders:

Uganda Airlines: CRJ900 – 4 aircraft

Boeing Orders:

VietJet: B737max – 100 aircraft

Airbus Orders:

Uganda Airlines: A330-800 – 2 aircraft

Viva Aerobus: A321neo – 25 aircraft

Undisclosed buyer: A330neo – 6 aircraft

A slow day at Farnborough then, after the flurry of business activity on days one and two. The A321neo order that we had predicted came through after all – but not quite as significant as we had expected. ATR and Bombardier managed to sneak a few orders in as well, but Boeing’s MoU with VietJet for 100 737Max put them ahead of the curve. The final tally so far stands at:

Boeing: 545 orders and commitments

Airbus: 389 orders and commitments

Embraer: 300 orders and commitments

ATR, Bombardier, etc: 32 orders and commitments

The largest selling aircraft of the show is currently the 737MAX, with the tally at 433. The A320neo comes in second, with 259.

The real question comes when you consider the statement by Tom Enders, Airbus CEO, that by the end of the show, Airbus will have sold 500 aircraft. He said that they have already secured 400 orders – perhaps he was rounding up a bit, considering the total is 389 – but crucially, he said that “there would most probably be a ‘five’ ahead of the figure by the end of the show”, indicating a total of more than 500 aircraft. So what has Airbus got up its sleeve for the last day? Could they be saving the best for last?